The globalisation of capitalism has come at the expense of environmental degradation, social inequality and (increasingly) job loss. We initiated C.UBI as a holistic response to these issues, challenging the existing socio-economic paradigm.

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C.UBI started as mere idea our strategy director (Lennard) was debating with colleagues in our design agency. Many of the topics the initial idea touched upon were very close to my heart, so I joined Lennard in building what was to become C.UBI. It evolved from a side project driven by passion to a think-tank on circular economy, universal basic income, distributed technologies and the commons.

Together with Lennard, I’ve shaped the thinking and strategic direction of C.UBI. I’ve also created the visual identity, the website, as well as most of the promotional and working materials.

The first time we publicly talked about C.UBI was at the Disruptive Innovation Festival 2017 (organised by the EllenMac Arthur Foundation).

Launching C.UBI at the Disruptive Innovation Festival 2017

The first 7 days

In just one week, we went from a mere idea on postits to a comprehensive outline of what C.UBI is.

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In short, C.UBI

  • Focuses on re-distribution of resources and the wealth derived thereof
  • Helps establish a circular economy and full supply chain transparency
  • Creates a structure to introduce and finance basic income

In those first 7 days, we also created a visual identity that reflects our spirit, as well as website containing a detailed explanation of C.UBI, a manifesto, and our 4 foundational components: The Commons, The Circular Economy, Distributed technology and Universal basic income.

Foundational components

The 4 foundational components behind C.UBI.

Spreading the word

Having received positive feedback after our launch, we spoke and hosted at a set of events in Munich, such as Digital Futures @Microsoft and the Munich Circular Mapping Week @Wayra Telefonica Accelerator. Our events were rather educational than promotional, with the aim of encouraging people to think beyond the current socio-economic structures.

Speaking events and workshops delivered at Digital Futures @Microsoft, Munich Circular Mapping Week @Wayra Telefonica Accelerator, Techfest Munich.

Getting practical

With a foundational theory in place, we started getting more concrete and split our focus into 2 work streams:

  1. Working with companies to advance the ideas of C.UBI and its implementation in their respective organisations
  2. Working with academia to explore C.UBI’s foundational components and their interconnections, as well as exploring how the practical implementation of these ideas can happen

Our hope is that these 2 streams will reenforce themselves and help advance the ideas behind C.UBI, as well as implement concrete solutions.

Reflections ...

When we talk to people and make the following statements, most people agree:

  • The world’s resources belong to all of us (air, soil, water) and should therefore be protected
  • Those who make use of these resources should pay the true cost for their privilege
  • Technology should serve people, improving their lives and liberating them from mundane or abusive activities

Yet few are willing to take the actions needed to make these ideas a reality: speaking up, changing habits and making conscious choices. Design’s role is to make these ideas as accessible as possible, creating change agents that change the system itself. As Buckminster Fuller put it:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

If you’re interested in the ideas of C.UBI, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter on our site.

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  • Lennard Hulsbos - Co-Founder; Thinking and strategy
  • Paul Anca - Co-Founder; Strategy, UI/UX
  • Paula Suarez - Academic contributor
  • Sara Arjmandnia - Academic contributor


Our work has been coordinated across a variety of locations, like

  • Munich
  • Berlin
  • Amsterdam
  • Tehran





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