Growing up in Romania, I’ve always been a curious mind. I’m a big believer that one can learn anything, if only he wants to. I moved to Vienna to study economics, curious to understand what makes the world tick; I did an extensive stay in rural India that thought me about poverty and pollution; and I began teaching myself design, starting with graphic design, user expereince design, and service design.

I jumped on the remote work train early on, and traveled for 1 year to South East Asia and West Africa. During this time, I co-initiated Butterfly effects - a vlog on the leading social enterprises of South-East Asia -, helped consolidate a national network of non-profits in Ivory Coast, and initiated Alo Education, a mobile learning platform for illiterates in Africa.

Later on, I’ve also had the opportunity to shape products and services of multinationals such as Deutsche Telekom, BMW, BASF, E.ON and Volvo - as a service designer at the strategic design agencies Designit and spark Reply. I’ve designed products, services and business models on topics stretching from automotive to supply chain transparency, from renewable energy to general user experience.

Currently, I take a holistic view on design, as a mindset and toolset for creating anything - digital and analog products, systems, economies. I’m especially interested in using digital technologies and the power of design, to figure out how build an economic system that works in the long run. I’m currently freelancing out of Berlin, and work as Design Lead at Circular Berlin.

What I do


  • User research and testing
  • Benchmarking between products, services and industries
  • Trend research


  • MVP scoping and design strategy
  • Rapid prototyping and sketching
  • Overall User Experience and flows
  • Branding and User Interface


  • Wordpress
  • Front-end (CSS, HTML, Javascript)

Work languages

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Romanian

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paul anca


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